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July 22, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
For this upcoming lemony deliciousness, you can also thank my boyfriend, DevastatorZP. Enjoy. Oh, and get some tissues, your nose will bleed a lot.

The butler was quite fond of his lady. Too fond, in fact. Every time he looked at her, perverse ideas and memories flooded his brain. When Edmund was around, he felt intense jealousy; he wanted to keep her all to himself…


It was the middle of the night; his lady was fast asleep. He opened the door to her room, closing it quietly behind him, making sure that it was locked tight. He placed his candle on her nightstand, staring at her. All that he could hear was her breathing.

He sat on the edge of her bed, leaning over her. He leaned down closer to her face, gently grabbing her chin to turn her head. He kissed her softly on her lips. A smile appeared in his face. He pulled down on her chin, opening her mouth slightly. He kissed her again, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

“Mn?” The butler got shoved. “Sebastian, what the heck??” Ciel yelled, covering her mouth, blushing madly.

“You freak out over just a kiss?” Sebastian laughed.

“One, I didn’t realize you were doing it. Two, you were shoving your tongue down my throat!” Ciel spat.

Sebastian laughed. “Is that what you think? If you want, I could show you what it truly means to shove my tongue down your throat.”

“…I’d rather not find out…” Ciel dreaded. “Anyways, what do you want?”

Sebastian’s smile immediately told her his thoughts. “You know~” He sang.

“No. No way. Nuh-uh.” Ciel shook her head frantically.

“You know you want it~”

Ciel glared at Sebastian. True. A little. She grabbed her sheets and pulled them over her head. Sebastian poked her through the sheets, watching her squirm.

“Urg!” She sat back up. “What will it take to get you to go away?” She hissed.

“You know~”

Frantically trying to figure out how to avoid not only her own perverse thoughts but
Sebastian’s as well she eventually gave up to her own desires

"Seriously Sebastian?" She slid out from underneath the sheets and sat next to him.

Blushing a very noticeable red, she said the words she never thought would come out of her mouth again.

"Sebastian, I order you to do what you wish for the rest of the night"

As she uttered those words she felt a chill go down her spine. While she was saying those words a large smile crept across Sebastian’s face.

Almost instantly as she finished she felt a cold hand push her down on to the bed. She became slightly scared for a moment wondering what Sebastian would do this time. Sebastian simply said "If I couldn’t do this much what kind of a butler would I be?" He hinted a slightly different tone when he said that, one of a lustful intent.

With this being said Sebastian promptly started to undress Ciel. As each article of clothing was removed it was folded and put in a pile by her bed.

He left Ciel’s side as he started to undress himself. Putting his pocket watch and other things in a folded pile by Ciel’s clothes, this is when Ciel realized what he wanted. When
Sebastian was done he got back onto the bed and started to play with Ciel’s breasts.

While this is happening she takes a look at Sebastian’s body. Well built, muscular. Just perfect in every way. Just thinking about her butler turned her on.

Sebastian hovered over her, looking down at her with an intense gaze. Sebastian leaned down and put his forehead against Ciel’s, staring straight into her eyes. Ciel pushed her head further into the bed, but Sebastian retaliated by pushing his lips onto hers. She couldn’t wriggle out of it. At first, she tried to push him off of her, but he overpowered her. Her struggling began to diminish, and Sebastian took the chance to put his tongue in her mouth again. She seemed irked at first, but she got used to the feeling in just a short time.

When Sebastian pulled away, Ciel commented “That was… interesting….Ugn!”

Sebastian promptly began to finger Ciel while still toying with her breasts. She gave out a slight moan of pleasure from it. Sebastian smiled, Ciel blushed a brighter red. Ciel brought her hands up to her mouth, squirming around.

Sebastian chuckled in amusement at Ciel’s actions. She looked quite adorable. And irresistible.

In a sudden flurry of movement, Sebastian flipped Ciel over with her butt in the air. Ciel protested. "Hey! What do you think you’re.........” She got cut off but a sudden rush of pleasure.

Sebastian was nearing the point where he himself couldn’t wait much longer.

Ciel, in a small voice, said "This position is quite humiliating"

Sebastian simply replied “It just makes that much more irresistible.”

He suddenly stopped.

Ciel began to hiss "Why did you stop when I’m starting to actually ENJOY it....”

Sebastian had already positioned himself behind Ciel, this is when Ciel cried "WAIT I’M NOT REA—“ Again she was cut off by a imploding amount of pleasure as Sebastian thrusted into her.

Clutching her sheets, she whimpered in a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Sebastian, why did you do that?” She cried.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t like it.”

“God dammit, Sebastian.” She grumbled.

As Sebastian started to move, Ciel was losing it, getting driven into madness by the pleasure of Sebastian’s love muscle that is now moving in and out of her. She couldn’t take it, so she flipped them both over, pushed him down on the bed, and started moving herself.

Sebastian was surprised at Ciel’s bold move, but very much impressed. A devilish smirk appeared on his face as he brought his hands up to her hips.

No words could describe Ciel’s pleasure. She nearly left scratch marks on Sebastian’s chest and she took control, biting down on her lower lip.

“You know, if you’re getting tired, you can leave it to me.” Sebastian said.

Ciel frantically shook her head. “N-no, I want to….”

“Whatever you say.” He smirked again.

As time passed and the moaning continued, Sebastian was surprised at his master’s endurance. Greatly impressed by this he starts to fondle both of her breasts. This drove Ciel mad.

She pulled him along as she flipped back over. She was underneath him again.
Ciel, getting madly pleasured by both Sebastian’s shaft and her own breasts she was about to reach her climax.

While Ciel was about to orgasm, Sebastian stopped, saying "Oh dear, we can’t have you be done that soon." With his devilish grin still on his face.

Ciel, extremely furious, yelled “OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT I WAS HAVING.....” She stopped herself before she died of embarrassment.

Sebastian finished her sentence for her. "The time of your life.”

Ciel turned tomato red, glaring at him.

At this point, Sebastian himself was about done. For a demon, this surprised Ciel.
Ciel, being on her back, could see everything; Sebastian was sweating and not holding his composure anymore.

“Sebastian.” Ciel growled lustfully. Sebastian looked down at her. “Finish fucking me already. That’s an order.”

Sebastian didn’t bother to remind her that she had permitted him to do whatever he pleased. Instead, he replied “Yes, my Lady.”

Sebastian then promptly started once more, this time with a rougher rhythm. This drove Ciel into pure bliss. Against all odds, they reached their peaks together.

As they lied on the bed, tired and satisfied, they heard knocking at the door and a voice saying “Is everything alright in there?”

As Ciel was having her orgasm, she let out a loud moan. The others, thinking trouble had risen, broke down the door. But as they walk in they find Sebastian and Ciel sitting on the bed fully clothed like nothing happened.  

Sebastian explained a bee flew in and stung the mistress, and that there was nothing to worry about.

As the others started to leave the room Ciel said asked "How did you do that so fast?"

He replied with “I am simply one hell of a butler.”
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OMG! Yush! ~(•ω•)~
DevastatorZP Jul 23, 2013  Student Artist
haha :D good to know. :D thanks everyone

puddingkiller Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Nosebleed moments! God I love you!!! :glomp:
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